i am an online fish

last week, i started playing online poker for the first time. i’ve always told myself not to start cos i might get addicted, but with the lack of lower limit home games around now, online poker is a convenient alternative. so i have allocated a 500SGD bankroll, and if i get busted i’ll stop playing online.

Currently online i have started at 0.25USD/0.50USD cash games, and i’d like to say that its been a breeze but to be honest i’m having alot of difficulty adjusting to online poker. in fact its been incredibly frustrating. what is of particular concern is my variance. my bankroll has gone from 500SGD to 600SGD on day 1, 740SGD (day 2), 400SGD (day 3), 570SGD (day 4), 540SGD (day 5), 510SGD (day 6), 680SGD (day 7). i’m really not used to this as my variance at all. what also bothers me is that i’ve been playing so differently from how i play live.

over the past 3 years, ive been playing a super tight and moderately aggresive game, and what happens is that i’ll win abit per session (half to one and a half buy-ins), win abit, win abit, win abit, win abit, win abit then lose alot (2 buy-ins). over the past year that has helped me to grow my bankroll fairly comfortable, considering i havent been playing that often. i’m definitely not anywhere near the most profitable of my friends, but overall i’ve been a winning player. i think that’s also because some of the times that i’ve been playing badly have not been exposed, as the standard of players of what i’m used to in the casinos or in home games is not as high as online. but the fluctuations i’ve experienced online have forced me to search for the leaks in my online game, and this is what i’ve come up with.

i get restless online

in a live game when i’m out of a hand, i start to talk to people, i look around, basically i dont get bored. i can sit there and fold every single hand for hours and still be fine. online i start itching to play hands after 15 mins. as such, my hand selection online is much much wider than in live games. this is asking for trouble in a 10 handed game

i am overly loose (in a 10 handed game)

i realised that at 10-handed 0.25USD/0.50USD tables online, everyone plays pretty tight. as such, i have taken to raising with any 2 hands in the dealer button and cutoff in a limp pot. i never do this in a live 10 handed game. with that i have stolen alot of blinds, but when i get called, i’ll continuation bet the flop if it gets checked to me. this sucks when the guy makes a hand cos i’ll blow off a whole lot of money to him. so while some people can turn water into wine by playing mediocre hands and outplaying opponents post flop, from now on i’m only playing solid hands in 10 handed

i need to be more passive when playing raised pots

somehow in raised pots out of position, when i make a big hand and i bet out they either fold (online players seldom pay you off with a mediocre hand), raise or call (then i am tempted to fire on the turn if there’s no danger card). so that way i dont make if i have the best hand, and if i’m against the nuts i lose alot. i seem to have made more by letting the pre flop raiser take the lead again post flop.

i need to stop paying off on the river

again this is a bad habit i have developed since playing online. why do i keep thinking people are betting or raising me on the river with nothing? in live games i’ll throw my hand away so fast on the river if i have nothing. this has been costing me quite abit. it seems that online players at these low stakes seldom get their money in bad when they’re all in.

yup so thats the update from week 1. i’m probably giving away alot of information on my play, but i’m still learning the game so any advice is most welcome. that and i know there are so many of friends who are better players than me read this blog so guys help me out!


~ by Tim Young on December 2, 2008.

3 Responses to “i am an online fish”

  1. “somehow in raised pots out of position, when i make a big hand and i bet out they either fold…, raise or call”

    very astute observation sir lol

  2. ren: haha somehow that didnt come out right. what i was trying to say was that taking the lead by betting out when out of position doesnt seem to be working out well for me

  3. if you get bored so easily, why dont you open more tables? at least 2 tables. this will force you to play only good hands, as you dont want to get distracted from the other table if your cards are not good enough. but you lose out in the sense that you dont see how the other players are reacting to your play or even generally what kind of player they are since you will not be watching their game. just a little suggestion, haha.

    alternatively, get geri to sit beside you and talk to her.

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