payback is a bitch

well what can i say, they got me good. damnit!

one day after my birthday (which was friday), i was supposed to go to steve’s house to study cos i had exams on monday. and lo and behold, alot of my friends were there to surprise me. army friends, smu friends. what nice friends i have, taking time when its only days to the exam to celebrate my birthday!

so i was having a good time, catching up mostly with my army friends. what was strange though, was that many of my friends, steve especially were saying that i had to do a birthday dance or song, if not i would regret it. i was like ya right whats the worst that can happen, so i told steve to get a life.

and then it happened

steve said “you better apologize”. i was like “no apologize for what?”. then he said “dont want to apologize right” then he opened the door. “you open the door like someone is going to come… WHAT THE HELL??”


steve sterilized his sofa after this photo

steve sterilized his sofa after this photo

i was seriously shell shocked. then i was seriously nervous. i dont know how to describe what he did next. it was like he was screeching, having a fit, stripping and spasming all at once. watch it for yourself on facebook here, here and here. i should have jumped out from steve’s balcony, it would have been less painful.

all i have to say is congrats to geri (she is my girlfriend and she subjected me to this!) steve kong, ian ho (he is in bloody taiwan and he can plan this), zhixin, yoons, gabriel, matt, g, zhennan, hongxi, yinghao, charles boo, emmanuel, yixuan, sacha, vanessa chan, shan jin etc.


for those of you concerned about my physical well being since the traumatic experience, i can proudly say that the counselling has helped i no longer break into cold sweat when i see yellow things.

at steve’s house,

steven lim: i have morals, there are some things i will never do!

tim: like?

steven lim: i will not dance in underwear!

tim: but you danced in swimming trunks

steven lim: its different! you see! (points to parts of his swimming trunks)

tim: nono please stop


~ by Tim Young on November 26, 2008.

6 Responses to “payback is a bitch”

  1. hahaahah that photo is fucking funny! you should have added the picture you took w him! but at least you had a very memorable bday right. I’m sure you wont forget this in years to come. think about it, you could even tell your grandkids bout it!!

    btw, how come the possibly related posts thing doesnt generate my post on you and steven!!

  2. dude i SWEAR when i saw the video it made my day.. i just walked around the rest of the day with a smile on my face knowing how awesome a birthday party you had.. cheers!

  3. he bangs he bangs! and leaves sweaty stains on your pants after sitting on your lap. hahahahah

  4. tim! seeing him in that astro boy boxers is really bringing back bad memories hahah. but i know u must have really enjoyed ur yourself last friday hahahah kidding.

    i heard u saw luke at borders today? ikoi??? hahahaha ure officially a convert!

  5. Aww.. that’s really sweet of you- giving credit to all your friends. I must say your birthday parties seem to be the most… satisfying? Haha.

    Anyway, do feel free to contribute ideas to your own birthday parties. You have been instrumental in the organizing of it. Without you, your party wouldn’t have been as memorable as it is. Good job Tim!

  6. hongxi: yes yes i’m sure that is a great positive to take away from this. i can tell my grand kids about it. you are sick in the head!

    mark: to be honest, i think if it was not me, it would have been a great destressor for me during exam period. damn

    yoons: you are another one who is sick in the head

    yish: ya ikoi is damn solid seriously but got to cut down man it is damn ex

    steve: i am gonna think of something to top this you idiot

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