birthday pranks

i’m sure alot of you have heard about the latest uproar about the acjc girl being tied up on her birthday. for those that havent, check the video out here: part 1, part 2 and part 3

basically, it was this acjc girl’s birthday, and her girlfriends tied her up to the pull up bars in school, and started throwing cake and milk at her. clips of this incident were previously uploaded on youtube, and it has been publicly condemned on radio (perfect 10) and on the papers today.

i guess this piece of news caught my eye cos i’ve been the instigator, victim, accomplice and on-looker to numerous similar (most are more extreme, some are less) birthday pranks. watching the clips, it brings back many funny memories. for the most part, these pranks are just for fun, and always look worse from an outsiders point of view. in acsi and acjc, it was tradition for birthday boys get tao poks (laid flat on the ground while others jump and lie on top of him to form a stack) or to be stripped naked.

in army, things went up a notch. just ask the boys from 5 coy, not only do you get stripped, you get tied to a gate, a stretcher, a bed post, AND you get a full assortment of army supplies put all over your body. you’re talkng about camo, black tape, deep heat etc on various parts of your body. a guy in camp even had an old mop rubbed over his groin (this is a story that all plt 13 guys will remember haha).

back in the day, these birthday pranks operated on 2 unwritten rules.

first, if you want to get involved in someone else’s birthday prank, you have to be prepared that someone is gonna get you on your birthday. in other words, if you wanna give punishment you got to be able to take.

the second would be that girls aren’t subjected to such pranks. i dont know why but in our time, it just wouldnt be something that we would consider.

i’m not gonna pass any judgement on the acjc girl incident, it could honestly be that the girl was ok with the prank, or she could have instigated many other birthday pranks. i was just wondering though:

is it common for girls to be subjected to such pranks today? where do you draw the line?

about 3 years ago in camp after the mop incident,

poh: oh my god

tim: why?

poh: that mop that was used to rub his groin

tim: ya?

poh: it has been used to clean up every single merlion, urinal, toilet bowl clog and who knows what else since we’ve been here. it could have even been used for the previous company

tim: oh my god


~ by Tim Young on November 14, 2008.

8 Responses to “birthday pranks”

  1. i dont quite get ur last part but anyways you shld have talked about the incident about your birthday two years ago. where the security guard totally dont care abt u. HAHA thats funny (:

  2. the acjc now = shit. idiots spoiling the name of AC.

  3. Wow Tim, your views on birthday pranks are so insightful. Your AS amazes me. On another note, your birthday is coming up soon. Get ready your weapons of defence; you will never know what’s going to hit you. Haha. Yoons and I are thinking of getting CY to do something “special” for you. Haha. That makes you wet right?


    Enough said.

  5. geri: its an army joke babe

    yoons: haha i bet thats what the seniors said of us

    steve: suck it la seriously

    ian: i think i should submit that to straits times as well. fucking security guard

  6. HAHA timothy young.. i will never forget you throwing me into a swimming pool while PRETENDING tt you were trying to stop the rest from plotting against me! Your bday coming soon right??

    “if you wanna give punishment you got to be able to take”

  7. HAHA! sucha timely entry about birthday pranks!! hope all goes well at your party today! 😉

  8. hongxi: please la if not for me you would have been thrown into the bushes la you think so good get thrown into the pool

    dreaming secrets: no birthday party for me got to study!

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