where are the easy online games?

gonna start playing online when the sem in school ends.

being a total online poker newbie, i was wondering which poker sites are good to play at for low limit cash games? any sites with easier games?

also, what poker software should i download? comments please!


~ by Tim Young on October 29, 2008.

4 Responses to “where are the easy online games?”

  1. aiyo better not spend all ur money and time on this. -_-

  2. u gotta play at the $2-$4 tables though, too many donkeys in the low limit tables.

    eh poker sometime leh, been a while since we caught up

  3. geriberi: haha you know i won’t

    ren: i dont have the bankroll for 2-4 haha probably do 25/50 and 50/1 though. yeah man it has been a while i heard you have a spanking new kick ass poker set now

  4. haha word spreads fast. yeah good luck for exams, maybe can organize a $50 30-man SNG sometime during the dec break

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