the singapore home game return

its been a hectic few weeks, with tests and projects jam packed. fortunately there was some time to breathe on sunday and so i made my way down to alvin’s place for some $0.50/$1 which also marked my first home game in singapore since jan this year. it was nice cos i got to catch up with some guys i havent played with in a long time like alvin mustopo, lukas, baey, andri, yoons, jiaxing, shi siong. poker-wise it was pretty uneventful. made a big mistake and was down $250 but managed to come back and win $100. its not much but thats the story of my poker life.

The Good:

honestly poker-wise the only good i can think of from last night is the fact that i seem to be able to take swings much better. if this was last year, i think i would have been on mad tilt if i had been $250 down. just ask alvin, sim or jiaxing they’ve seen me in that stage before. nowadays i just get back to business and grind it out. i probably have lugner city to thank for that. i’m not saying that ive totally eliminated tilt from my game, its just that i feel it affects me less now.

having said that i must declare that when i’m playing poker everytime i’m losing i will keep very quiet and everytime i’m winning i will be making alot of noise, cracking jokes etc. but yeah if i’m down you wont here a sound out of me.

The Bad:

i made a HUGE mistake last night. basically i had 67 suited and i raised it up preflop in late position, lukas and andri called. flop came 345 rainbow and we all checked. turn came 7 and lukas went all in, andri called, and i went all in for like $100+ more. andri had 68 and took down the pot. when the 7 fell and when i went all in, i should have considered that in the best case scenario i might be playing for the chop, and in the worst case i’m against the nuts. i would have still paid off a river bet, but if i had just called instead of shoving i would have saved alot.

The Lucky:

had a slightly below average run of cards yesterday, a few lucky hands made my day though. the first was when i flopped a set and baey made top 2 pair on the turn and yoons had pocket aces. i had the short stack though, so i tripled up.

for the second hand baey raised it up to 6 preflop under the gun and got 5 callers including myself. i was one before the cut off with 2c6c. flop came 224 with 2 spades on the board and baey went all in for $80+. the first thing i thought was baey has AsKs so i called and the others folded. turn and river came blanks so i took it down. that was real lucky cos baey made a mistake, and when you call $6 with 2c6c a flop of 224 is about as good as it gets. baey had a tough day yesterday, getting sucked out on alot but i do have to admit that he is a better player than before i went for exchange.

outside koufu:

tim: when you loves somebody, i think you should be willing to change in some aspects for the other person. like for example i love geri, therefore i try to change some things for her and vice versa

hongxi: no, the guy should change for the girl

tim: so isnt that unfair?

hongxi: life’s unfair

tim: ok so isnt that a double standard

hongxi: no there’s no double standard

tim: nono so if the guy is willing to change, shouldnt the girl be willing too?

hongxi: no only guy should change

tim: so dont you find that unfair?

hongxi: life’s unfair

tim: thats damn double standard what

hongxi: there’s no double standard

tim: ok never mind


~ by Tim Young on October 27, 2008.

3 Responses to “the singapore home game return”

  1. HAHA tim i thought this was a poker blog?? where did the koufu bit pop up from??

    and btw, tt particular conversation was a lot longer than wad you made it sound! i got a shock when i read your first line, cos i knew what was coming up. GET OVER IT will you?? i’ve heard you tell so many people this story tt its getting boring hahahahah

  2. I’ll be in macau this dec. Any tips? Heh

  3. hongxi: it is a poker blog i just decided to include any memorable conversations to end each post

    ian: aye man haha you should be giving me tips about macau you APB TA leh haha. anyways if you’re playing holdem i played at galaxy starworld which was pretty nice, but grand lisboa has more games and easier players according to jaul. blinds are 10hkd/20hkd which is about 2sgd/4sgd but yeah the game is generally not difficult there

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