sick laydown

was doing my work when my friend just sent me this clip, my god it is so sick how do you lay that hand down seriously.

on an entirely different note,

somewhere in school:

steve kong – if you say that again i’m gonna… i’m gonna… ah i’m gonna bite off your cock

tim – um.. nobody says stuff like that it’s damn gay


~ by Tim Young on October 17, 2008.

4 Responses to “sick laydown”

  1. hahah what is classic is mike matusow’s comment after the guy lays his Jacks full down.. i have no clue on earth how he folded though.. must be a CHEATER

  2. Wow…no idea, I agree hes cheating!!! haha

  3. wow. how to fold that. being the noob i am, i’d go big on the flop. lol.

  4. to be honest i’d definitely bet on the flop, might lay it down on the turn, if not i’d get busted on the river.

    so ya in short he is one sick man

    i dont buy what he said after the hand though, “i knew i was beat”. like how do you know for sure? you prob can fold and hope the guy doesnt show you a bluff

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