tale of 2 hands at the grand lisboa

the man himself

the man himself

this is teo jiahao aka jaul. he’s one of the people i used to play with when i first started playing poker. he started out as a cash game player, but has since been successful in a number of big online tournaments, winning and cashing in several this year. he’s gonna take the next year to decide if he’s gonna turn pro or not but boy he is earning some serious cash man. also, jaul promised that i can go watch him at his first appt final table, which would be really shiok! i’m gonna put that here so that it can be on record.

anyways, these hands take place at the grand lisboa, which is one of the casinos owned by stanley ho. jaul and sacha were playing at the 10hkd/20hkd tables and jaul got into a hand with a guy from hongkong (call him H). H was under the gun and jaul was in the cutoff (one to the right of the dealer). jaul had 8J hearts and it was a limp pot. the flop came 998, H bet 3/4 pot and jaul called. turn came Qh bringing jaul a gutshot straight flush draw. H bet 3/4 pot and jaul called again. the river came a blank, and H bet half of his turn bet. jaul called and H flipped over A8. jaul mucked and the guy went “what? no straight? no 9? no flush?”. he was probably thinking that jaul was some fish to call on a board like that without a straight, 9 or flush.

about 1 orbit later, those 2 played another hand in the same position. H raised under the gun and jaul flat called with AKs. Flop came A 4 6 and H bet 3/4 pot. jaul called and turn came 4. H checked and jaul bet half pot. strangely H then min raised. jaul didnt put him on a 4 or pocket 6 (H raised under the gun remember) so he shoved all in. H folds his AK face up and goes “i put you on A6”. jaul flipped up his hand and the guy started swearing in canto, following which he said “the only thing you had over me was position”.

i think its interesting the way the hands played out cos if jaul didnt make the call on the first hand, H might not have put jaul on A6 for the second hand (it would be so much easier to put jaul on a more solid hand like AK, AQ, AJ if not for the first hand). also strange that H checked the turn in the second hand.


~ by Tim Young on October 16, 2008.

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