the vegas of the east?

i’m back from macau, and to be brutally honest, it wasnt as good as i thought it’d be in terms of atmosphere. the good thing was that i got to go with a whole bunch of people from school, so that was fun. we stayed at the venetian macau, really sweet, the rooms were huge. the venetian is located on the cotai strip, which is currently under development. as such its about 15 minutes away from most of the action located in macau’s old town.

perhaps its too soon to compare macau with other casino strips seeing as the cotai strip will only be up in a few years time. but seriously once you step out of each IR, there’s pretty much no life around until you step into the next IR. here’s a photo from geri‘s camera (she doesnt have many photos of macau, most are in hongxi‘s or sacha’s camera):

hongxi, sacha, yoons, geri, me

hongxi, sacha, yoons, geri, me

my project group, i seldom do projects with girls, but i guess if i had to i’d most enjoy doing it with these four (yes yoons is quite a girl sometimes).

yeap so i guess its time to get down to the poker talk. hongxi joined me for some holdem the first night we reached. we went to galaxy starworld, which is walking distance from wynn and mgm grand. its one of the 3 places that currently offer texas holdem (mgm grand is opening holdem tables soon), the other 2 being grand lisboa and grand waldo. i played at the 10hkd/20hkd (about 2sgd/4sgd) tables, which are the lowest limit tables around in macau.

anyways, hongxi got involved in the action early on. dont remember the exact details, but well i’m sure she will correct me. so hongxi limped in for $20, big blind (this guy named eugene, more on him later he’s an interesting guy) raises to $100. all fold except hx so we’re heads up to the flop. flop comes 27Q rainbow. eugene bets $150, hx raises to $450 and eugene reraises to $950. hx thinks for a while then mucks. eugene flips over JQ offsuit, which really surprised me given how snug he’d been playing. hx then said “oh i put you on a higher set that’s why i folded”. i was thinking ya right there’s no way she’d throw away a set of deuces or 7s on a board like that. hx probably threw away a weak Q like QT, Q9 or even QK, at least thats what i thought.

there’s no way i would have thrown that hand away, there’s just too many hands i can beat that he might have in that spot. i can put him on AA, KK, AQ, QK. of course, he might have pocket 7s or queens, but i’m gonna just have to pay him off if he has those hands. jaul said (in his own words) that he would “cut off his cock” if hongxi threw away a set. well after the game she said she threw aways a set of deuces so i guess so much for jaul’s cock.

for me personally, there wasn’t much action. i lost 500hkd on the first night (made a bad mistake) and won 1000hkd the next day so won abit overall. seems to be the story of my poker life, win abit win abit win abit lose alot. oh well.

anyways this eugene guy i played with is an interesting fellow indeed. he looks about 28 or 29, wears specs and has a shaved head. he got his degree from nus, went on to nie and ended up teaching PE at acjc. the funny thing is he is an ex raffles boy so you can imagine what a terrible posting that was. anyways he has since quit and gone to play poker in macau. what a career change!


~ by Tim Young on October 14, 2008.

3 Responses to “the vegas of the east?”

  1. its true.. there’s not much to do once ure out of the IR. i dont think this place can compare to SG in terms of overall attractiveness.. that said, the casinos are damn impressive. the only thing i dont like is that i’m the only one to lose money.. ):

  2. hahahahah yeah yoons was damn poor thing! hmm actually, i think i would lay tt hand down because of previous experiences. and like i guess most others wont because they know how to count probabilities and all that shit? but like i would go all the way to chase a flush and stuff cos somehow more often than not i get paid out, whereas when i flop a set i tend to lose. ok, i play weird. and its bad how every time i read your blog i would start itching to play.

  3. okay tim i dont quite understand all that poker jargon but congrats on the win!

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