Top 5 Baey Poker Moments

baey is my friend, has been for the longest time. i’ve known him since acsi days and he’s a great guy. some people may find him abrasive, but he’s really a true friend. In poker, baey can only be described as an action player. seriously. you can have a whole table of tighties and he can give you all the action you want, enough for everybody.

i had a conversation over the phone with baey recently, was good talking to him, havent seen him in the longest time. he says he’s changed his style of play and is no longer a fish. i’m glad he’s doing good and has improved his play, so i think it would thus be an appropriate time to honour the passing of the baey of old, since baey the fish no longer exists. with that, i present to you the THE TOP 5 BAEY (of old) POKER MOMENTS

Baey Poker Moment #5

we were at my place and baey raised it up to $3.40. the blinds called and i was in mid position with Qd10d so i called too. flop came Js9h2d, big blind bet $8, i called and baey called. turn came 8c, i made the big straight. big blind checked, i checked and baey led out with a $20 bet, big blind folded, i raised $40 more and baey called. on the river the duece paired, which i didn’t really like, i checked and baey checked behind. i was thinking my straight was probably good since he checked.

tim: i got a straight

baey: simi lan jiao straight, i got full house la (he had pocket jacks)

he filled up with the nut full house and checked the river? really strange. was he scared of quads?

Baey Poker Moment #4

its a tipsy night at pgp as we had a drinking session before the game. brian raised to $4 preflop with AK offsuit, some guy (call him S) and baey called, the rest of us folded. flop came A82 rainbow, brian bet $10, S went all in for $18 total, baey called and brian called. turn came 10d, brian bet $50 and baey called. river came 3c brian bet $70 and baey called, flipping over 2-3 offsuit.

brian : what the hell were you hanging around til the river for?

baey : uh.. to pair my kicker la

baey took down the main and sidepot, sending brian on mad tilt for the rest of the night.

Baey Poker Moment #3

baey’s playing a game going on at ulu pandan, but zhixin, brian, yoons and i are at bukit timah having supper. after a while, conversation centres on baey, and somebody suggests taking a side bet on how many buy-ins baey is down. the game at ulu pandan had only started for like 30 mins to an hour, so most of us chose like 2 or 3 buy-ins. zhixin took 4 buy-ins, which i thought was a stretch, even for baey. after settling the bets, i gave baey a call.

tim : so hows the game going bro?

baey: its ok la bought in a few times

tim: YES! so 2/ 3 times?

baey: oh actually 6

the rest of us curse and swear as zhixin takes in a nice pot

Baey Poker Moment #2

We were at mustopo’s house, and i brought baey. its the first time baey had met mustopo, let alone been to his house. it was also the first time baey had met nic, which was interesting since a few hours into the game the 3 of them got into a nice fat pot. basically, nic had a set, mustopo had top 2 pair, and baey had the nuts, hitting his gutshot on the river. baey put them all in on the river, and both called. but while they were busy settling the side pot, baey stood up and shouted “ah fuck you just give me all your money!” as he flipped his cards up. the whole table looked at him in amazement, i mean you just met these 2 guys, and its mustopo’s house for god’s sake! baey did apologize later, but it was still a strange moment.

Baey Poker Moment #1

this one seriously takes the cake. again it was at pgp. everyone limped in so we had 7 to the flop. flop came As2s3d. in early position, baey bet $12 into a pot of $2.80, stood up, flipped up 4c5s and said “i have the nut straight, dont try to outdraw me” puzzled looks were exchanged at the table, and obviously everyone folded. EXCEPT baey’s cousin who paid the $12 to draw to his flush despite seeing baey’s cards. even more bizarre was that when he rivered his flush he checked it down. why over pay for a draw when you dont bet it when you make your hand? cant figure it out

oh well those were the days. i’m sure everyone that has played with baey has had their very own baey moments. whats your favourite baey (of old) moment?


~ by Tim Young on September 18, 2008.

10 Responses to “Top 5 Baey Poker Moments”

  1. wahhh not bad ah.. back to back posts.. efficient to the max!

  2. ya man the frequency of posts seem to vary with when i have presentations and stuff speaking of which when you next posting?

  3. brother against you, i still won’t bet my full house on the river lah.
    Safe you some money to spend on Geri.

  4. This time I was playing with Baey, board was showing AK933, pot was $3.80. I was heads-up with Baey and made an underbet of $2.40 on the river holding pocket treys. He goes into the tank for like half an hour, flips open Aces and folds. I’ll always remember what he said: “Only quads will play like that. I fold.” I remember going home that night feeling pretty impressed.

  5. my top baey moment: we were gonna play mahjong at my place

    baey: i’m at your house already ( i assumed outside)
    me: er ok you wait outside lor.
    baey: ok.

    i come back.

    baey sitting on my couch, watching my tv, drinking my soft drink.

    baey: hurhur dont mind i let myself in ah.

    zzz. not my house already.

  6. kai: yup just like that time baey folded pocket dueces to my pocket 7s on a board of 2277A. HAHA SERIOUSLY KAI I DONT BUY THAT STORY BAEY FOLDS ACES FULL ON THAT BOARD WITH THAT BET IS THE DAY I CHOP!!

    yoons: this story i believe however, in fact i was there it is a true story

  7. actually i dont believe that baey fold ace full also. here’s a guy that goes all in trying to pair the kicker to his made bottom pair, and assorted random stuff, highly unlikely he’ll fold an ace trips much less ace full. haha. i’ve known him since pri sch too. haha. not likely.

  8. haha Thanks guys. Thanks to my oldest friends for not believing me.
    Frankly Kai, i dun believe it myself.
    You from RJC right? you mean Ian Baey?
    But if it really happened, i am impressed with myself too.

  9. baey… we are ALL impressed by you

    tim: err.. i should be getting down to it soon.. really a lazy ass, i am

  10. I’m impressed by how Tim remembers the suits of the hands, even when he was not involved!

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