last game in vienna

so i was thinking back on the last game i played before i came back to singapore, and it was really a strange night. i guess to some extent i’m still bothered by it, and thats why i havent been keen on playing since i came back. it was 3 hands within the first half an hour that really got to me. here’s how they went:

i sat down with 100 euros at the 1/1euro table and we were playing 7 handed. that hand i picked up pockets 3s just after the big blind. everybody limped in so i got to see a cheap flop. flop came 3-8-10 all spades. wanting to take the pot down there and then, i bet 10 euro into the pot of 7 euro. the next guy (lets call him S) instantly pushed all in for 30 euros more, everyone folded and it was back to me.

what would you do?

i thought there was a good chance that i had the best hand, and even if i didnt i was getting the right price to call. even if i put him on the flush i would have 7 outs on the turn and 10 on the river, so i was about 34%. i called and S flipped over K-7 of spades. 2 blanks fell and S took the pot.

that was fine and i quickly reloaded but 2 hands later, and i swear it was 2 hands later i picked up 5-7 spades in mid position. everybody limped and the flop came 5h-7h-9h. again i bet 10 euros into the 7 euro pot, and again S moved all in. this time it was 76 euros more to me. seriously, this was ridiculous.

are you kidding me?

could he have flopped the flush again? well he didnt need to have the flush to have me crushed. 7-9, 5-9 or 6-8 could be in the pot, a set of 9s as well. set of 5s or 7s could also be possible though less likely. i think an overpair would have raised preflop, maybe he had Ah-9 or Kh-9? those hands and possibly 8h-9 were the only hands i could beat, so honestly i should have folded. if i was behind here, i would probably be behind all the way, its tough to suck out with 2 pair. that and there was no way i was getting the right price. but yeah thats what i should have done. i called, and S flipped over Ah-4h, the nut flush. S looks well pleased with himself, extracting maximum again. amazingly though, i catch a 5 on the river and bust S.

so i was winning abit and about to leave when 3 hands later i pick up 7s-9s in late position. you have to remember all this happened in the same round. i raise it to 4 euros and the dealer and big blind called me, the big blind was the really deep stack. thats fine, if i flopped a big hand i’d play, if not i’d fold and leave. flop came As-9d-7d. WOW! what a flop! i was just hoping one of them picked up A-K or A-Q. big blind bet out 12 euros and i raised 25 more. that put the dealer all in and he called, and when it came back to the big blind he thought for a while and called.

this is tricky

i didnt like both of them coming with me to the turn, i put one of them on A-Q or A-J the other maybe on top pair with nut flush draw. i think that big blind who was the deep stack would have reraised me if he had a set or a better 2 pair cos of the flush draw. anyways i was thinking that if a third diamond fell, or a Q, J or K i could get away from the hand. turn came deuce of heart, big blind bet 40 euros. it didnt seem like a danger card to me and i called. river came 3c, big blind bet 40 again and i called. both dealer and big blind flip over A-9. i lose the pot, and proceed to steam away 240 euros that night.

would you have played the hands differently?


~ by Tim Young on September 4, 2008.

12 Responses to “last game in vienna”

  1. hi tim

    well i would have played the 7-9 hand differently! if i was winning and i knew i had to leave then, i would maybe just smooth call or even fold 7-9. cuz when u raised, and if the table was full, people with A-9 might still call u. and there was a flush draw as well.. i dont know for me i would think it might be abit too much to bet all the way??

  2. can i write guest articles. please please please. they don’t come more highly qualified than me..

    and yes i’ve placed a nice advert for you on my blog which frankly you’re not supposed to know exists.

  3. haha… what luck!
    maybe you learn learn to fold hands especially if the player has been playing tight.
    poker rule for me: fold when someone reraises you, especially if you have 2 pairs!

  4. well i had a similar hand to yours in atlantic city. had top set and raised and the guy pushed me all in on the flop. haha. but i mean wad were the odds right? he went all in for like 80usd only, plus i still had outs so i called. but up till now i don think it was a stupid play leh.

  5. i would have stopped playing poker because its an evil game. continue playing mahjong coz its slow and communal. anyway, interesting blog.

  6. Wow this is one blog I’d having problems trying to understand, haha 🙂 Guest articles from jontang sounds like a great idea.


  7. I CALL YOUR BLUFF ON THIS ASSIGNMENT. Gossip Girl then, Blog now… We have to play some real poker soon.

  8. You’re screwed on the 7-9 hand. Range of hands you’re up against and your % against those: A-7(8%), A-9(8%), A-A(1%), 9-9(1%), 7-7(1%), 6-8(68%), 8-T(68%), K-K(91%), Ah-xh(56%). The overcall is particularly scary – you can rule out Q-Q and J-J right there. You’re behind in far too many hands to call the big blind’s turn bet; besides, with the dealer all-in, there’s no point in him bluffing into the side-pot so that plus his smooth call was a clear signal that he had bottom two crushed.

  9. if it makes you feel any better, i’d have done the same 😛

  10. TIM I’m sorry but i’m totally clueless about what you’re talkingg abt! totally not poker savvy! maybe u can do a post on POKER 101. haha.

  11. dude.. get your ass on twitter

  12. jon tang: yup i recieved your article, will be posting it up soon. thanks again

    kai: yup i guess you have a point that he had no point bluffing with the dealer all in. just wondering though, why wouldnt AK or top pair nut flush draw bet on the turn? having said that i guess i should have laid it down on the river, those hands i mentioned wouldnt fire on the river since the flush missed.

    mark: yup i’m on twitter i find it quite confusing though

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