a first time for everything

the choice for my course assignment was between doing a case analysis or starting a blog. this was pretty much a no brainer for me. i mean sure this was one of the things i thought i’d never conform to, right up there with getting friendster (still no friendster). but i mean i’m in my 4th year in uni, so if i’m ever gonna try something new, it might as well be now. and if i’m gonna write about something, it might as well be poker.

and so fourcardflush is born to the world

a place to whine about the suck outs and brag about good plays. where A-K gets drawn out on by 6-10 offsuit, and that 17-outer just doesnt catch the card. where you wake up the next morning wondering why you shoved it all in with bottom pair. a place where anything can happen, and by the end of this sem, i think we’re gonna see and hear about some real crazy hands. So this is just the begining, hang on for the ride.


~ by Tim Young on September 3, 2008.

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