i am an online fish

•December 2, 2008 • 3 Comments

last week, i started playing online poker for the first time. i’ve always told myself not to start cos i might get addicted, but with the lack of lower limit home games around now, online poker is a convenient alternative. so i have allocated a 500SGD bankroll, and if i get busted i’ll stop playing online.

Currently online i have started at 0.25USD/0.50USD cash games, and i’d like to say that its been a breeze but to be honest i’m having alot of difficulty adjusting to online poker. in fact its been incredibly frustrating. what is of particular concern is my variance. my bankroll has gone from 500SGD to 600SGD on day 1, 740SGD (day 2), 400SGD (day 3), 570SGD (day 4), 540SGD (day 5), 510SGD (day 6), 680SGD (day 7). i’m really not used to this as my variance at all. what also bothers me is that i’ve been playing so differently from how i play live.

over the past 3 years, ive been playing a super tight and moderately aggresive game, and what happens is that i’ll win abit per session (half to one and a half buy-ins), win abit, win abit, win abit, win abit, win abit then lose alot (2 buy-ins). over the past year that has helped me to grow my bankroll fairly comfortable, considering i havent been playing that often. i’m definitely not anywhere near the most profitable of my friends, but overall i’ve been a winning player. i think that’s also because some of the times that i’ve been playing badly have not been exposed, as the standard of players of what i’m used to in the casinos or in home games is not as high as online. but the fluctuations i’ve experienced online have forced me to search for the leaks in my online game, and this is what i’ve come up with.

i get restless online

in a live game when i’m out of a hand, i start to talk to people, i look around, basically i dont get bored. i can sit there and fold every single hand for hours and still be fine. online i start itching to play hands after 15 mins. as such, my hand selection online is much much wider than in live games. this is asking for trouble in a 10 handed game

i am overly loose (in a 10 handed game)

i realised that at 10-handed 0.25USD/0.50USD tables online, everyone plays pretty tight. as such, i have taken to raising with any 2 hands in the dealer button and cutoff in a limp pot. i never do this in a live 10 handed game. with that i have stolen alot of blinds, but when i get called, i’ll continuation bet the flop if it gets checked to me. this sucks when the guy makes a hand cos i’ll blow off a whole lot of money to him. so while some people can turn water into wine by playing mediocre hands and outplaying opponents post flop, from now on i’m only playing solid hands in 10 handed

i need to be more passive when playing raised pots

somehow in raised pots out of position, when i make a big hand and i bet out they either fold (online players seldom pay you off with a mediocre hand), raise or call (then i am tempted to fire on the turn if there’s no danger card). so that way i dont make if i have the best hand, and if i’m against the nuts i lose alot. i seem to have made more by letting the pre flop raiser take the lead again post flop.

i need to stop paying off on the river

again this is a bad habit i have developed since playing online. why do i keep thinking people are betting or raising me on the river with nothing? in live games i’ll throw my hand away so fast on the river if i have nothing. this has been costing me quite abit. it seems that online players at these low stakes seldom get their money in bad when they’re all in.

yup so thats the update from week 1. i’m probably giving away alot of information on my play, but i’m still learning the game so any advice is most welcome. that and i know there are so many of friends who are better players than me read this blog so guys help me out!


payback is a bitch

•November 26, 2008 • 6 Comments

well what can i say, they got me good. damnit!

one day after my birthday (which was friday), i was supposed to go to steve’s house to study cos i had exams on monday. and lo and behold, alot of my friends were there to surprise me. army friends, smu friends. what nice friends i have, taking time when its only days to the exam to celebrate my birthday!

so i was having a good time, catching up mostly with my army friends. what was strange though, was that many of my friends, steve especially were saying that i had to do a birthday dance or song, if not i would regret it. i was like ya right whats the worst that can happen, so i told steve to get a life.

and then it happened

steve said “you better apologize”. i was like “no apologize for what?”. then he said “dont want to apologize right” then he opened the door. “you open the door like someone is going to come… WHAT THE HELL??”


steve sterilized his sofa after this photo

steve sterilized his sofa after this photo

i was seriously shell shocked. then i was seriously nervous. i dont know how to describe what he did next. it was like he was screeching, having a fit, stripping and spasming all at once. watch it for yourself on facebook here, here and here. i should have jumped out from steve’s balcony, it would have been less painful.

all i have to say is congrats to geri (she is my girlfriend and she subjected me to this!) steve kong, ian ho (he is in bloody taiwan and he can plan this), zhixin, yoons, gabriel, matt, g, zhennan, hongxi, yinghao, charles boo, emmanuel, yixuan, sacha, vanessa chan, shan jin etc.


for those of you concerned about my physical well being since the traumatic experience, i can proudly say that the counselling has helped i no longer break into cold sweat when i see yellow things.

at steve’s house,

steven lim: i have morals, there are some things i will never do!

tim: like?

steven lim: i will not dance in underwear!

tim: but you danced in swimming trunks

steven lim: its different! you see! (points to parts of his swimming trunks)

tim: nono please stop

so this is link love…

•November 17, 2008 • 4 Comments

at podcamp amelia was talking about giving support to other blogs by linking them either on your sidebar, in your text, or through your twitter/plurk etc

as such, i’d like to thank miccheng, derrickkwa and dk for the links. while aim of this blog is not to generate hits, the increase in traffic certainly has been encouraging!

birthday pranks

•November 14, 2008 • 8 Comments

i’m sure alot of you have heard about the latest uproar about the acjc girl being tied up on her birthday. for those that havent, check the video out here: part 1, part 2 and part 3

basically, it was this acjc girl’s birthday, and her girlfriends tied her up to the pull up bars in school, and started throwing cake and milk at her. clips of this incident were previously uploaded on youtube, and it has been publicly condemned on radio (perfect 10) and on the papers today.

i guess this piece of news caught my eye cos i’ve been the instigator, victim, accomplice and on-looker to numerous similar (most are more extreme, some are less) birthday pranks. watching the clips, it brings back many funny memories. for the most part, these pranks are just for fun, and always look worse from an outsiders point of view. in acsi and acjc, it was tradition for birthday boys get tao poks (laid flat on the ground while others jump and lie on top of him to form a stack) or to be stripped naked.

in army, things went up a notch. just ask the boys from 5 coy, not only do you get stripped, you get tied to a gate, a stretcher, a bed post, AND you get a full assortment of army supplies put all over your body. you’re talkng about camo, black tape, deep heat etc on various parts of your body. a guy in camp even had an old mop rubbed over his groin (this is a story that all plt 13 guys will remember haha).

back in the day, these birthday pranks operated on 2 unwritten rules.

first, if you want to get involved in someone else’s birthday prank, you have to be prepared that someone is gonna get you on your birthday. in other words, if you wanna give punishment you got to be able to take.

the second would be that girls aren’t subjected to such pranks. i dont know why but in our time, it just wouldnt be something that we would consider.

i’m not gonna pass any judgement on the acjc girl incident, it could honestly be that the girl was ok with the prank, or she could have instigated many other birthday pranks. i was just wondering though:

is it common for girls to be subjected to such pranks today? where do you draw the line?

about 3 years ago in camp after the mop incident,

poh: oh my god

tim: why?

poh: that mop that was used to rub his groin

tim: ya?

poh: it has been used to clean up every single merlion, urinal, toilet bowl clog and who knows what else since we’ve been here. it could have even been used for the previous company

tim: oh my god

the tribe has spoken

•November 9, 2008 • 3 Comments

the truth hurts, steve. but if i had to do project with you all over again, i would. i’d do it in a heatbeat.

i would just get more sleep the night before we work on the project.

i how brother?

Rewind 4 Days Ago:

an email thread between steve and me. read it from bottom to top.

From: KONG Yee Mun Steve
Sent: Thursday, November 06, 2008 9:36 PM
To: YOUNG En Timothy
Subject: RE:

Dude, your votes are still more than mine

From: YOUNG En Timothy
Sent: Thursday, November 06, 2008 9:35 PM
To: KONG Yee Mun Steve
Subject: RE:

Suck it look now

From: KONG Yee Mun Steve
Sent: Thursday, November 06, 2008 9:14 PM
To: YOUNG En Timothy
Subject: RE:

Whatever bitch, look at the polls now.

From: YOUNG En Timothy
Sent: Thursday, November 06, 2008 9:07 PM
To: KONG Yee Mun Steve
Subject: RE:

Please just watch the poll results

From: KONG Yee Mun Steve
Sent: Thursday, November 06, 2008 9:06 PM
To: YOUNG En Timothy
Subject: RE:

Whatever man. I am asking everyone to vote for you.

From: YOUNG En Timothy
Sent: Thursday, November 06, 2008 9:05 PM
To: KONG Yee Mun Steve
Subject: RE:

Let the voters decide

From: KONG Yee Mun Steve
Sent: Thursday, November 06, 2008 9:03 PM
To: YOUNG En Timothy
Subject: RE:

You are bitch. King Yau and Lionel can testify to that. You don’t see them working late for corp rep!

From: YOUNG En Timothy
Sent: Thursday, November 06, 2008 8:55 PM
To: KONG Yee Mun Steve

Aye now we’re gonna see who is pulling who down

Fast Forward to Present Day:

Steve Kong – 24 votes

Me – 21 votes

Geri – 19 votes

Bad luck – 6 votes

Others – 2 votes

top 5 worst project nights (and technically the next day) ever

•November 6, 2008 • 15 Comments

its week 12 and 13 in term 1 in smu, so not only have i had no time for poker, but also no time for anything other than projects, presentation and reports. the past tuesday night i had possibly one of the worst project nights in my entire 4 years in smu. as such i have decided to make a commitment to NEVER WORK LAST MINUTE FOR A PROJECT EVER AGAIN.

for those of you that have heard me make this commitment before, i am dead serious this time, even though i make this commitment every semester. i’m year 4 goddamnit I CANT DO THIS ANYMORE!!!!!

the past tuesday actually brought to mind many horrible memories of past project stayovers, so here’s my top 5 (there are actually many many more so i’m starting to think that its me):

TOP 5 WORST PROJECT NIGHTS (starting with the least bad)

5) LTB in year 1

location: smu gsr

time: from 10pm to 5am

the happy campers: u-jin, me

after our LTB (leadership and team building its a module in smu) presentation, my group including myself was damn relaxed as the presentation had gone pretty well. good, everybody was happy. everything appeared smooth until the day before the report submission, i happened to take a look at the compiled report. this was at 830pm the night before.


not only was the writing style different (which is common in report compiling) but they totally did not connect. i quickly called up u-jin and we met at 10pm and proceeded to spend from 10pm to 5am the next day chopping and changing the 7 totally independent parts. seriously from 4am to 5am i tell you i experienced an extreme brain slowdown i think i typed like 3 words in that 1 hour. oh well, i guess i have nothing to complain about seeing as i didn’t attend the talk that my group organising as part of the project.

4) CAT report and powerpoint in year 2

location: at the benches near ice cold beer in smu

time: 3pm to 12noon the next day

the happy campers: vincent, geri, farhan, me

CAT is a module that teaches excel skills. for this project i was a super dead weight. not only do i suck at excel, i also suck at powerpoints so basically i was of no help except for maybe the report and buying food and drinks for the group. anyways, we worked on the project from 3pm (day before submission) to 12 noon on the day of project submission. vincent was the one man show he came up with the whole excel model himself, with geri doing up the ppt.

one observation from this experience: it is an incredibly depressing to see multiple groups of people who you know leave school at certain intervals the night before, and to see them come to school fresh and clean the next day while you have been there slogging the whole while, eyes struggling to open and hair all oily.

3) APB final presentation in year 4

location: my house

time: 2pm to 5am

the happy campers: shaun yoon, geri, hongxi, sacha, me

my god i dont know why this took so long. basically from a personal point of view, i was just too tired from the night before to think properly. mistake of the night was calling kfc delivery for dinner. there is nothing that can put you to sleep as fast as 2 drumsticks, 2 wings, a large whipped potato and a medium coleslaw. thankfully presentation went very well cos everyone presented well, but honestly our project and content was not as good as it should have been so we were pretty lucky overall.

2) FIIM presentation in year 3

location: steve’s house

time: 7pm to 7am

the happy campers: steve kong, geri, patrick, me

i cant really figure out why this was so last minute. we had met a few times within the week, and it was a relatively straightforward project (we basically presented about what happened during the 1997 asian financial crisis) and we met several times in the week but somehow still ended up working the night before.

it came to a stage at 3am where geri finished up on a graph that showed the depreciation of the various asian currencies, but the axis were wrong so you had to look at the graph upside down to get the right picture. so at 3am steve and i put the laptop on the floor, and were trying to stand on our heads in order to view the graphs correctly. dont ask me why but at that moment this was the most incredibly funny thing to us. we absolutely COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING. god, we must have spent half an hour laughing continuously, and after that we were so shacked from laughing that we both fell asleep with the project still incomplete.

finally when we woke up steve said he had enough and kicked us out of his house (the project was finished though). i told him to get out of my life and never bid for a module with me again. we are in the same environmental science group this sem. so much for that.

1) FPA report in year 4

location: bondue room, tables outside on level 3, chairs outside the seminar rooms

time: 12 noon to 7am

the happy campers: geri, yinghao, vincy, lionel lin, king yau, me

i dont want to talk about this, the pain is still too recent in my memory. warm and fuzzy nostalgic moments to be taken away are still a long time away.

Honorable Mentions:

– BGS presentation in year 1 (vincent, steve kong, joycelyn, ariel, me)

– marketing presentation in year 2 (steve kong, vincent, ian, yiwei, wen kai, me)

– TWC report in year 2 (calvin thng, david thong, shaun to, see hau, me)

– foundation in comms research report in year 3 (steve lau, cheam, seng song, me)

all i can say is, NEVER AGAIN!

actually i just noticed that there are a few constants in my painful late nights. steve kong, vincent, geri and me. it definitely can’t be vincent, so who could it be? actually i dont think it is geri too she has helped me alot. i shall include her just for fun.


in school while working on corp rep project,

kenneth: actually i dont need to come to school cos we’ve finished the other parts except the excel sheet

tim: oh so why did you come to school? i thought steve is the only one in your group who’s working on the excel sheet for corp rep? i heard  last night he dreamt of excel sheets cos he spent the past few days continuously staring at excel sheets

kenneth: oh i came to watch steve in case he goes crazy and deletes the excel sheets or eats his computer

where are the easy online games?

•October 29, 2008 • 4 Comments

gonna start playing online when the sem in school ends.

being a total online poker newbie, i was wondering which poker sites are good to play at for low limit cash games? any sites with easier games?

also, what poker software should i download? comments please!